Thursday, March 26, 2009


As Paper Whites are blooming in a jar on my kitchen table, I'm am thinking about my flower CSA. It was really important to Andy and I to support local farmers, so we found a farm in Cincinnati that has a flower CSA (Community Supported Agriculture: you pay for a "share" of the crop before the season starts and it turn you get the bounty throughout the season regardless of how big or little).  Turner Farm is offering 250 stems of flowers for $50! The typical share picks 25 stems 10 times throughout the wonderful would it be to have that many fresh bouquets in your home all summer and fall.  But they are letting us pick them all, and we have two shares, at one time for the wedding! I'm excited just to wander through a flower field and pick them! 

My friends are helping pick them the day before the wedding and then Tiffany, a bride's maid, is going to arrange them into my grandmother's blue mason jars for the tables. And then we'll get to make my bouquet! I think it will all look lovely. And best of all, we will be supporting a local farmer, and I love that!  We found Turner Farm through Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association at You can search by product or county (look at the bottom of the page). It's a great resource for Ohio for fresh food!

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