Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Still Winter

Saturday, it was 50 degrees outside and sunny. Sunday morning, we woke up to a snow shower that left us 3 inches! Good thing we like snow. I was starting to miss it.
Mt. Mansfield from our town Sunday night

This wet and heavy snow is called sugar snow because it happens in the early spring during the maple sugaring season. The sweet maple syrup we like to eat so much comes only from the sap of the early spring maples. The nights have to be below freezing and the days must be above. The wet snow helps the tree's sap to move quickly (carrying that much needed water) when it may otherwise slow down...ummmm syrup.
Maple goodness straight from the tree

All the snow reminded me of a time not too long ago when we had so much more than 3 inches! There were several occasions where Andy, being his wonderful self, had to shovel us out before work. Twice, he had to carve stairs out of ice and snow when all the snow from our roof fell and made a wall between our cars and our front door. 
Andy being cute with a shovel

Until Next winter...

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