Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Week

Wow, this was a busy wedding weekend for us! I found a dress (kinda important) and we both found wedding bands (also kinda important). On top of that, we also....

-Edited, printed, cut, stuffed, and stamped our wedding invitations :)
They are simple, yet exactly what we wanted.

-Bought some extra plates for our hand made vintage glassware dessert trays
We have 8 altogether. Some are two tiered and some are three. I LOVE how they turned out. This one isn't the best example, but it's the only one in Vermont.

-We started making our table lanterns
They in fact are not lanterns, but more like table tents. We will paste another layer on each side with information about dinner, table number, etc. I'm excited to see what they will look like on the tables.

-We found marker board to put in this frame
At first we wanted to make a chalk board for it and use it as a giant program at the ceremony in place of paper programs. But, when looking for a board to put behind the frame, we saw this marker board and fell in love. We had the people at Lowe's cut it to size. We have great plans for the left over too!

Whew...that's enough until next weekend!

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