Monday, June 15, 2009

More Trails

This week we had a great time cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, working at the farm, and finishing up our invitations. We didn't have a lot of down time, but we did go on a hike. It was a short 5 mile hike round trip to the top of Mt. Elmore. There were great views of the Lamoille Valley (where we live) and both the Green Mountains (Vermont) and the White Mountains (New Hampshire).

At the top of Mt. Elmore is a fire tower, an old, scary, very tall fire tower.

While I was gripping on for dear life, I did have a nice view.

Bunch Berry on the trail

This is Balancing Rock...a glacier erratic that is resting on a small slab of rock. It seems to be in a precarious position, but it doesn't move--we tried.

We still had fun with it though :)

I have the next two weeks off of school so I'll be finishing up paperwork for this past year and planning for Summer Camp...while finishing up wedding details and getting very excited for August 1st!

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