Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trip to MDI

MDI: Mount Desert Island
Aka: Bar Harbor, Maine;
Acadia National Park

We've been slacking on the wedding side of things. We think about it, but we couldn't pass up a three day weekend after the snow has melted.

 So, where do Vermonters go on vacation?
Maine...they have an ocean!

After setting up camp, we went to Bar Harbor, the big town on the island. It is a magical place with boats, ice cream, and lobster. 

We also enjoyed looking at the ocean. They only have one sand beach in this part of Maine. The rest is rocky, granite slabs. The rocks are fun to climb on, look for tidal pools, and watch the ocean from. We even got to see a seagull drop an oyster on the rocks to crack it open. Use what you got, right?!

The next day we hiked up Cadillac Mountain. It was a 15 mile round trip from our camp site and well worth it. We went from hard wood forests to lichen covered granite tops to a carriage road built by the Rockefellers a century ago. 

Once on top, the weather started to turn! We were ready for rain...bring it on!
It didn't last very long and by the time we made it back to camp, the clouds were all gone.

The following day, we climbed up a trail called the Bee Hive, named for it's shape. One side gradually goes up and the other goes straight down...literally. This shape is actually very common in this area (ME, NH, VT) and was created by the glacier movement over the granite mountains. More on that another day. This view is from the Bee Hive overlooking Sand Bar (the one sandy beach). I love how one side goes into the ocean and the other into fresh interesting!

This is one of the straight down parts.

Ahhh...pitch pine and back to the wedding! We can't wait to see you there!

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