Thursday, July 16, 2009


In the whirlwind of wedding planning, Andy and I have reached the stage of gift making. Actually, Andy's been doing the making and I've been working on the details of the weekend and making sure everyone is in the loop that needs to be in the loop. We've also been moving (still) and painting. Our hope is to be moved in and sleeping at our new apartment by this weekend. At this rate, I don't know if that will happen...but we don't have a choice. In one week and two days I leave for Ohio!
In other news, we both got cell phones yesterday! That's right, Andy and I have rejoined the fast paced nation and attached a phone to our hips. They look like this:

Cool touch screen, loud noises, buzzing sensations. It's a fairground in our hand! Along with the new toy, we also have new numbers. So, if you know us, make sure you have our new digits!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Andy and I have been ignoring the wedding these past few weeks. There have been lots of changes in our lives and our upcoming nuptials have had to be put on the back burner. We are getting back on track though and the help of others has really been helping.

So what have we been doing? Well, I made these hanging pictures for my good friend who is having a baby on Christmas Day. We are all so thrilled for her. I found the directions here:

The background is in French, but I made one background in English because it's too cute. It says:

Animals are interesting creatures. They are not too dissimilar to you and I. In fact the other day while strolling through the park, I spotted a giraffe eating chocolate ice-cream. I know it sounds unbelievable but I assure you I saw it with my very own eyes! Anyway, it got me thinking about what animals like to do when they're not busy doing what animals do. Do birds write love letters in the sand? Do hippos like to read the newspaper on Sunday morning? What of the lion? Does he sing to himself as he bathes in the lake? There are so many wonderful things I love to wonder about, however one thing I know for certain is that crocodiles wear sunglasses. It's true! I saw it with my own eyes.

We have also been starting our move into the "Funky Farm House." It was left a lot dirtier than we expected, so we've been cleaning, moving some stuff, cleaning, moving some stuff, painting, moving some stuff. You get the idea and you've probably done this sort of thing before too, so you understand. I have no pictures of the inside, but this is our wonderful property.

Our tower house. That is our front door and our bedroom is in the green "tower." In between is a wood stove, a kitchen and a bathroom. Off to the right in the white building is our greenhouse and to the left is an animal farm.

On our farm we have chickens! We don't eat them though (except maybe a mean rooster).

And I like this guy. I call him the deadlocked goat. He likes to eat everything!

The owner is an amazing sculpture/artist. She makes stone walls that circle and loop. There are several on the property.

This is the view from on top of the hill looking at the barn. The barn holds the chickens, goats, sheep, and currently a pot-belled pig. Andy likes the pig. If you look closely at the tree, you'll see another art installation involving bicycles.

Inside this door house is a mound of stones that we can use to practice our own curving stone walls!

See that fence? That is literally three feet away from our patio. And that's a cow! There are sheep, goats, cows, and one llama that graze on that side of the fence. They are not a part of our farm, however, but since most of them are babies, they are really cute.

The view from our patio!

Hopefully more wedding posts will follow!