Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Love: Just Us

About time! Wedding photos & stories to share!!!! It will definitely take some time to share all our photos. Today's installment: Andy & Amy.

Before the ceremony, Andy and I decided we wanted to get our photos first, then the bridal party. We wanted to see each other before the wedding, but also wanted it to be a special moment.

On the day of, the photographer was late...30 minutes late! My well tuned schedule was falling apart and Bridezilla bubbled up. That's one way to clear out the groomsmen (sorry guys). It was the, "I'm going to f*cking kill you" moment that I believe every bride is allowed to have. It hits when enough is enough, when you realize everything is out of your control, when you think the wedding could go down in flames, when you wish you could just go outside and see what was going on but you can't because you didn't want to see your soon to be husband until it was photographed! Where is the photographer! What didn't help was the 3 hours of sleep, 60 minutes of hair tugging, and an inability to eat. When she finally did arrive, Andy was outside of the barn and I was inside. I told the photog that Andy and I were ready for our pictures but we hadn't seen each other yet. It took her about 10 minutes to understand that we didn't want to just run into one another, we wanted it to be a moment...hopefully a photographed moment.

So she took some pictures of me while as we found a location for our "meeting."

Then we waited for Andy to get there and she took some pictures of my super long, incredibly awesome veil...hand made by Virginia :).

That thing didn't really want to fly like we wanted it to.

Then Andy came and he had to walk with his eyes shut towards the sound of the photographer's voice. We stood back to back (so dramatic) and we held hands while photographer took pictures.

Ahhhh, finally. I got to see Andy and it was wonderful. I think we made out for a few minutes, we kinda forgot anyone else was there. I know this is cheesy, but I missed him...we hadn't really been together for a week. This moment was the first moment where we began that journey of a lifetime together. It was magical.

I really liked having that "first look" moment with Andy, but I didn't think it needed to be as drawn out as it was. The pictures were fantastic though.

It turned out the photographer was stuck by a train, which is not uncommon at Camp Campbell Gard. I got stuck many a-times on my way to work there.

The next installment: Family & Friends

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