Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving a la Vegetarian

It's Thanksgiving once again and Andy and I are spending this one at home all alone. And that's okay because on Friday we will have a big Thanksgiving dinner with our house mates. They will do the turkey and stuffing and such, so Thursday for us can be anything we want it to be. While Andy could eat Thanksgiving dinner any day of the week, and green beans and cranberries are delicious, I can't do Fall side dishes two nights in a row. So, we are going totally off the books and making pasta!

When I say making pasta though, I don't mean boil some water and add boxed noodles, I mean make pasta. After the wedding we bought ourselves this beauty:

She's a beautiful pasta maker that we've used to make spaghetti, fettuccine, and lasagna from fresh made pasta dough. It isn't too complicated, but it's a two person job that takes about an hour to do. We try to make it on the weekend when we have time and energy, but Thursday seems like the perfect day to make it again. But mostly, our kitchen is so small, it's nice to have a food project that allows us both to be in there without being in the way.

I'm also making fresh ciabatta bread and we'll probably throw a freshly made tomato sauce on top. Simple, delicious, and not turkey.

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