Monday, December 21, 2009

I've been cheating on you

I must admit, I tried out another blog location. I was unhappy with how this site was organized and how information was put on. I posted something here:

I'm going to keep looking around and if I move for good, I'll let you know!

Christmas is coming so quickly! We have just two days of work left before we hit the road. We hope to be in town for a week and then go to Washington, D.C. for New Years. My very good friend has lived there for years and I haven't visited in awhile. We are getting very excited about our "vacation," but Andy's mostly excited that he doesn't have to work!

Since it is the holiday season, I wanted to give my employees (all three of them) something to say thank you. We decided to go on a weekend baking adventure for these:

After making 200 rolls, I want to eat them all! And they taste even better than they look. If you want to try them yourselves, check it out:
Merry Christmas my awesome Afterschool Teachers! You ROCK!!!!!