Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kitchen Redo: The wallpaper

We are starting the long process of redoing our kitchen--the bane of many a home owner. It started out like this before we moved in: (Note the carpet on the floor and yellow wallpaper!)

And we made it look like this, very lived in mind you:

We want it to look like this:

Just kidding! We'd be happy with a window, but I'll settle for no wallpaper, wood floors, and lighter walls. We started the first step: the walls! Under the yellow plaid wallpaper is a red flowered wallpaper that is stuck to the drywall. It actually rips the drywall when we remove it. We are not new to this since our bedroom was similar. We used a wall paper stripper and pulled!

Now wallpaper free, we will sand and spackle to make the dry wall smooth and paint it with an oil based primer. Andy will actually do that part while I leave for a bit since the smell makes me sick. After that, we'll just have to paint. We are debating between a green kitchen,

or an orange one.

We'll keep you posted!

Have a great week!

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