Thursday, July 16, 2009


In the whirlwind of wedding planning, Andy and I have reached the stage of gift making. Actually, Andy's been doing the making and I've been working on the details of the weekend and making sure everyone is in the loop that needs to be in the loop. We've also been moving (still) and painting. Our hope is to be moved in and sleeping at our new apartment by this weekend. At this rate, I don't know if that will happen...but we don't have a choice. In one week and two days I leave for Ohio!
In other news, we both got cell phones yesterday! That's right, Andy and I have rejoined the fast paced nation and attached a phone to our hips. They look like this:

Cool touch screen, loud noises, buzzing sensations. It's a fairground in our hand! Along with the new toy, we also have new numbers. So, if you know us, make sure you have our new digits!

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