Friday, August 28, 2009

Honeymoon Part 2: Quebec City

I really want my wedding pictures, but we just have to keep on waiting. I'm still quite happy with the 3 I have, so I'll just keep looking at those.

Back to the honeymoon...

We left the campground freshly showered in the quarter-fed showers that lasted 5 minutes, so we felt ready as we were going to be for the big city. We hopped on the highway and headed into a French-speaking world. And we got lost which is amazingly easy to do when you can't read the highway signs and the only place they are is at the exit. We did find our way to Montmorency Falls though. It is next to Quebec City, wider than Niagara Falls, and wet. We climbed to the top and back down again.

View of Quebec City

The falls

Going down...

The cute newlyweds!

Next we went to the walled in city where our Bed and Breakfast was. It was a cute place with a great room for a good price, we highly recommend...Gite de Paris. The walled in city is so magical. Seeing the old architecture, hearing French, listening to the horses click-clop down the street and following the wall lined with cannons transported us to a far away land. We walked a lot and ate a lot and enjoyed our time there. Here's some of those images...

View from the wall

Side street in Old Quebec

Old, beautiful house

Pedestrian-Tourist Street

Castle/Expensive Hotel

"I see a ship that needs a blastin' Cap'n!"

An old French church

A votre sante!

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