Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crafty Things, Baby Style

In the last year a lot of babies have come into my life. Friends and family have definitely given me oodles of ooh-and-ahh moments...and I just had to give back. I made some of these awesome gifts for these babies in my life and they are too cute not to share.

I found this great fabric cube pattern here. They don't really have a blocky look so much as a rounded cube, but they are still fun and make fantastic juggling balls! I tried to play around with the textures, colors and sounds. In addition to each side being a different fabric, in one cube I put a bell and in another I made a crinkly side. I think they also taste delicious because I'm pretty sure the first place these things went was in the mouth!

It's never too early to learn that everything has its place and every place has its thing! These fabric buckets, made from some soft flannel and an old pair of jeans, is a soft and safe place to store anything, including fabric cubes! I found the pattern here, but made it much bigger. The circumference is about 12 inches I think. It can also be used as a hiding spot for small children and cats!

And for the little niece in my life, how can you pass up a cute little pink dress? I can't! When I saw this onesie dress, I  knew I had to make it. I didn't really know what I was doing, but it turned out lovely. I also made it pretty big, since babies grow fast, but also because I thought it would be a cute spring dress and I made it in the winter. Not pictured is the cute bloomers made from the bottom of the onesie I cut off. 

I love crafting, but baby crafting is way more fun! I think its because everything is cuter when it's mini-sized. So what will be next?

Molded Crayons 
Party Turtles
Stick Horse
Pumpkin Hat
The possibilities are endless! 

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